1. Safe use double intelligent drift scooter

1) About the safe use of

Our company hope all drivers can drive safely two- wheel intelligent drifting scooter, and enjoy the fun brought by the drifting scooter, to remember you learning to ride a bicycle, drive a car, or use other means of transport, all these experiences can be applied to the sale of our products allows you to better use of drifting scooter.

.Relevant content you will be able to follow directions drift safe driving a car, we strongly recommend you the first time in drift driving car can read the operation instruction handbook. Before each driving please check tyre for damage, if there is a loose parts, if you have any situation, please contact the agent for repair.

.Please read the instruction for use, you will get a lot of important safety information, including the speed limit, indicator light warning, safety shutdown.

.Please do not use drifting scooter made any endangers ones personal or property safety.

.Please do not arbitrarily modified drifting scooter parts, not only affects the drifting scooter may even damage the performance of drifting scooter, at the same time will produce serious harm.

2) The driver of the weight limit

.Drivers there are two reasons for weight limit: 1. Ensure the safety of drivers 2.Reduce the overload of intelligent drifting scooter damage.

.Drivers biggest weight limit: 100kg.

.The driver of the minimum weight limit: 20kg.

WARNING   More than make you are in danger of falling weight

3)The largest distance

Intelligent drifting scooter the biggest range is related to many factors, such as:

.Terrain: in smooth, flat ground driving increases range, on the contrary will reduce the distance.

.Weight: the weight of the drivers affect the distance.

.Environment temperature, under the recommended temperature storage and intelligent driving drifting scooter increase distance, on the contrary will reduce the distance in extreme temperatures.

.Maintenance: reasonable charging and maintenance of the battery can increase the range , on the contrary will reduce the distance.

.Speed and driving style: keep medium speed increase range, on the contrary frequent start, stop, acceleration and deceleration will reduce the distance.

4) The speed limit

.The maximum speed of intelligent drifting scooter for 10 km/hour.

.When driving over maximum allowable speed, drifting scooter buzzer will send out alarm.

.Smart drifting scooter under the specified speed can keep the balance of the driver, when the speed is greater than the specified speed, drifting scooter up, cock to limit speed within the safe speed,

2. Drive a two-wheel intelligent drifting scooter

Using intelligent ticket I car security related matters need attention, so you must fully understand the instruction manual before driving all of the matters needing attention, mentioned in the before use to understand these security issues is very important for you.

1) Intelligent drifting scooter steps

.Step1. Start the smart drifting scooter, press the power switch.

.Step2. Driving to the trigger switch operation indicator light on single foot mat, automatic balancing system into the state, maintain smooth fuselage on the other foot after can operate.

.Step3. Manipulation of the drifting scooters after successful standing balance of center of gravity, intelligent drifting scooter mobile will remain stationary state. Small forward or backward through the body to control the smart drifting scooter forward or backward, remember that the body movement range is too big.

NOTE: If the trigger when the foots switch intelligent platform drifting scooter not in level state, the beep will alarm and alarm indicator light, system into automatic balance state, at this time are prohibited.

.Step4. Manipulation of the drifting scooter left and right.

.Step5. Get off the bus, get off before you stop intelligent drifting scooter balance state, one foot down, the oter on foot in the left drifting scooter again.


Prohibited in the case of highspeed sharp steering ,lest appear dangerous situation.

Please dont drive the transverse slopes or turned, it will lead to intelligent drifting scooter balance angle offset, affect driving safety.

2) Intelligent drifting scooter protection function

In the process of running, if the system errors or irregularities, intelligent drifting scooter prompt drivers in different ways. Ban cycling, alarm light is normally on, buzzer intermittent singing alarm, system cannot enter the balance model,

.Hands-on, the platform forward or back more than 10 degrees.

.The battery voltage is too low.

.In the process of charging

.Cycling process, become warped on platform, operation is prohibited.

.Car speeding

.Lack of battery

.Car body rocking back and forth for more than 30 seconds

.System into protection mode, alarm light is normally on, buzzer at a high rate in the process of alarm cycling.

.Platform forward or back more than 35 degrees, directly into the stop condition.

.Tire locked-rotor, after2 seconds into the stop condition.

.The battery voltage is lower than the protection value, after 15 seconds into the stop condition

.Continued large current discharge( such as long time up a long slope), enter the stop condition after 15 seconds.


When smart drifting scooter into the outage status, the system will automatically lock machine, machine can press lock unlock. When the battery has been depleted or system to produce the safe parking information, please do not continue to drift diving a scooter, otherwise, the scooter would make scooters cannot balance due to lack of electricity, in this case the driver is likely to be hurt. If the battery reaches a minimum, continue to drift diving scooter, will affect the service life of batteries.

3) Intelligent drifting scooter driving practice

When you drive smart drift outdoors, for your safety, please ensure that you have first can skilled driving drifting scooter:

.Please wear comfortable casual sportswear and wear flat shoes, let the body maintain flexibility.

.Please open field practice intelligent drift to drive a scooter, until you can easily get on the scooter forward, backward, turn, stop, get off the bus.

.Attention should be paid to the ground is flat and level

.You can learn driving in different terrain must slow down in case of an unfamiliar terrain. Any time cannot let drifting scooter off the ground

.Smart drifting scooter is flat surface design for using the object of a supplementary means of transport. When users run on the uneven road surface should decelerate slowly moving.

.If not skilled driving intelligent drifting scooter please avoid danger such as pedestrians or obstacles exist where, to meet in through the door carefully and make sure whether can pass.

3. Driving safety instruction

The section highlights a few safety knowledge and warning statement, let you in the use of intelligent drifting scooter have certain knowledge of security considerations. In order to ensure that you can safely drive drift please be sure to read the operation instruction handbook and comply with the relevant safety instruction. Please pay attention to the operation instruction handbook mentioned in all the safety warning and use the matters needing attention, understanding of these security issues can improve your driving safety and pleasure.


Under no circumstances use smart drifting scooter you are likely to lose control, collision and fall and cause harm. In order to avoid damage, you must carefully read and refer to instruction manual instructions to drifting scooter driving. Please ensure that the product use in good condition, and after carefully read and be familiar with the company to provide all of the products material before using this product.

When you learn drifting scooter, please make sure that completes the safety measures, such as: wearing a helmet, knee and elbow pads, gear, etc.

Intelligent drifting scooter applies only to personal entertainment, it is prohibited to use in public transportation.

It is strictly prohibited in the motor vehicle to use the companys products

Children shall not be less than 20 kg weight and should be protected by the adults driving; Has a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and lack ego to protect consciousness of the old man hands the inconvenience banned driving; Pregnant women and people with disabilities driving is prohibited

No driving after drinking or using drugs and driving dont pick up goods

Driving drifting scooter please pay attention to comply with local traffic laws, comity pedestrian

Please alert your front and distant things, keep good vision helps you safer driving drifting scooter

While driving my legs to relax, knees slightly bent, it will make you in balance is concave and convex surface

Driving process, to ensure that the soles of your feet always step on the mat.

Please use drifting scooter suitable for sports clothes, it helps you better handle emergency situations

Drifting scooter can only be a person, not more than two, and two at the same time.

Users and the belongings should not be more than the weight of the manual indicate the maximum load of drifting scooter, or you will make it easier for drivers in the process of using fall or injury, even can cause damage to the function of intelligent drifting scooter. In addition to this, the driver should not be less than the weight of the instruction in the designated driver minimum weight.

Otherwise cause drivers may not be able to manipulate drifting scooter, especially in the downhill when not safe reduce speed or stop.

Must let the speed of the scooter in to ensure the safety of themselves and others, can be ready to stop the drifting scooter running

When you are driving drifting scooter traffic accident occurs, you stay put waiting for the arrival of the relevant departments and reasonable and lawful process events

When you are together with other users of drift driving drifting scooter while driving, please keep a certain distance between each other in order to avoid a collision.

Always remember you in drift driving scooter, your body is highly increased by about 10 cm in head through the door, please pay attention to the safety.

Pay attention to the balance of body center of gravity when steering action to prevent falling off because of center of gravity offset or too fast.

Dont get distracted when driving drifting scooter, such as answering the phone, listen to music, or engage in any other activities.

Do not allow the wet in the rain road, long distance driving backwards, high-speed, high-speed decay, speeding drifting scooter turn back.

Design, test, or is not present in the personal transport related proof method and equipment for the medical safety, so the user must use drifting scooter without external force

Dont drift in the dim light or dark place driving scooter.

Avoid the obstacles and smooth surface, such as, glaze ice and snow of the wet floor.

Please avoid scattered objects and small branches are in the exercise, trash, or a small stone road,

Avoid driving with an obstacle in the narrow space or place.

Please conform to the conditions of use of intelligent drifting scooter environment use, if there are any environment need to obtain permission to use, please get permission first.

Please do not start or shop suddenly.

Avoid driving on a steep slope.

Prohibited in unsafe environment using smart drifting scooters, these unsafe environment refers to the result of flammable gas, steam, liquid, dust, or fiber and other reasons may cause dangerous events, such as fire or explosion.

4. Learning charging and maintenance of batteries

Main MianShu drifting scooter charging method, how to maintain the battery, need to pay attention to safety matters, and to show the battery specifications. For you and others safety maximum extend battery life and improve battery performance, please be sure to use according to the following the operation of the battery.

1) Lack of battery

When you found the power indicator light is red light and flashing, suggests that power is not enough, you are advised to stop driving. When the battery is low, intelligent drifting scooter dont have enough energy to your normal driving, the system will be the base platform automatically cock, forbids operators continue to use, if you insist on driving at this time, damage is very easy to fall down, at the same time also can affect the service life of batteries.

If you develop any of the following do not use the battery.

1. Emit some smell or a high fever.

2. Leak out of any material.

To remove the battery and maintenance is limited to the staff.

Dont touch the battery leakage of any material.

Dont let the child contact with animal cells, before install batteries or driving must pull out the charger, in the case of charging to make anything that has to do with intelligent drifting scooter is dangerous.

Batteries contain dangerous substances, do not open the battery, do not insert any material into the battery.

Limited to the company to provide equipment to drifting scooter battery.

Ban has been put on the lithium battery, unsafe has excessive discharge of battery, only scrap processing.

Intelligent drifting scooter battery to use with the permission of the local laws.

2) The charging step

To ensure the charging mouth was dry.

Open the smart drift charging scooter rear cover.

To insert one end of the charger to the mains (100-240V; 50-60HZ), confirm the charger green indicator light is normal lights up, then put the charger on the other side of smart drifting scooter.

When the red indicator light on charger, charging showed normal, otherwise please check whether the circuit connection is good.

When the indicator lights on the charger change from red to green, suggests that electricity is filled. At this time, please stop charging, charging for a long time will affect the service life of batteries.

Pay attention to use the local standard plug.